Squire’s Garden Centre – revival.  Brilliant news for Chertsey.

Squire’s Garden Centres are a very successful 80 year old company with 15 centres in Surrey Sussex and Berkshire.  Their smallest site is on Holloway Hill, Chertsey.  Until 2 years ago it was also their head office.  It was a delightful garden centre with a charming listed building at the entrance containing a shop and checkout till.  Although limited in stock compared to most centres, the stock was always interesting, I would say at times exciting, top quality and could be delivered locally at very reasonable rates.  An advantage to me was that it was only one mile from my home so I could walk there, up and down hills, and get useful exercise on the way ( I am a Fitbit addict).

Sadly two years ago they closed down quite suddenly, with the plan to open within the year upgraded and with a cafe-bar!!!  Fantastic!!! The plan did not quite go to order, as of summer 2016 there was no sign of any development – I can only guess that there was problems with planning permission (Surrey Council again thwarting positive ideas for Chertsey).  However about two weeks ago I noticed that the land had been flattened – the lovely listed building still standing at the entrance.  And today I see that steel stantions have been erected and it is all in action as a building site.  A sign outside suggests that it will be opening in spring 2017, but my enquiries at their Horsell site suggests that it might be open as early as Christmas this year!!!!!

A press release in the “Surrey Advertiser” states. ‘Squire’s Garden Centres is getting ready for the opening of their newly rebuilt garden centre in Chertsey in early 2017 by recruiting people for various full-time and part-time retail and catering .  Positions include a Garden Centre Manager, Assistant Garden Centre Manager, Restaurant Manager, and various full-time and part-time Sales and Catering Assistants. You must be able to work alternate weekends and be available to start around the end of November 2016.    Squire’s is a successful family-owned garden centre group with 15 centres across Surrey, Sussex, Berks’.


More bad news for Chertsey as the oldest Pub in Surrey shuts down.

From the Surrey Herald front page:

“What is believed to be the oldest licensed pub in Surrey has closed, just four months after celebrating its 400th birthday.

Metal shutters have been pulled down over the windows and doors of The George in Guildford Street, Chertsey, bringing four centuries of trade to a halt.

It is not the first time the pub has closed.

Time was called for a brief period in 2012 but now some locals fear the Grade II listed building will not remain a pub.

Floral House resident Gordon Coxon, 83, was a regular but has heard rumours that it won’t return as a public house.

“I have lived here about five or six years and have tried to be a regular because it is the nearest pub to Floral House,” he said.

“The reason I am concerned is because of a rumour of it being turned into a fish and chip shop, which for a pub with that history is a bit naughty really, isn’t it? Chertsey has such a big history. I would be quite disappointed if that happened.

“It is just such a shame to see all the metalwork across the windows and doors. It seems strange.”

The George is believed to date back to 1613 when it was known as The Prince’s Arms.

By 1770 it went under the title of The Boot.

The third, and longest standing name, came in the late 18th century following a visit to the pub by King George III, when its current moniker was adopted. And just like any self-respecting pub, it is also rumoured to have a resident ghost.

The pub held a weekend of activities at the beginning of August to mark its 400th birthday.

Emma Warren, curator of Chertsey Museum, said: “It is a very beautiful building and in a town as historic as Chertsey we need to hang onto as many old buildings as we possibly can.

“Fortunately, as it is a listed building, any new owners won’t be able to change it too much.

“It is part of the history of this area so it would be sad to see it changing use.”

Chertsey St Ann’s councillor Shannon Saise-Marshall said it was better to keep it open as another business, than see it closed. “I don’t know why it’s closed. I’m saddened that it has though,” she said. “It is a shame to lose another establishment.”


My comment:

Typical Runnymede Councillor  who claims to not know why it is closing – it’s her job to find out such things!!!

Historic listed buildings in Chertsey, Ottershaw, Lyne and Longcross.

There are over 200 listed buildings in Chertsey and its outlying villages.  This is a huge amount for a small (population 16,000) market town.

The majority are listed below.  Contact me for further details.

Botleys Park Hospital
Grade II*
Chertsey, Surrey

Manor Farm Cottages
Grade II
Willow Walk, Chertsey, Surrey

Pyrcroft House
Grade II*
Pyrcroft Road, Chertsey, Surrey

Sareth Cottage
Grade II
Bridge Road, Chertsey, Surrey

Grade II
B386, Chertsey, Surrey